Karen O’Hindley is an Equine Enthusiast and Horse Owner



Karen has been riding and training horses for the last 20 years.


For some people, horse riding is just a hobby. A fun way of bonding with an animal, a good form of exercise and something to keep you busy. Karen sees the responsibility of owning a horse a little differently.


“I believe that taking ownership of a horse is akin to taking care of a child. You’re dealing with a living and breathing creature that demands endless hours of your time, thousands of pounds and who relies on you entirely for their food and shelter. I don’t think it’s wise to buy a horse, unless you’re truly willing to put in the requisite time of care and attention.”


Karen was not born into a family that could easily afford a horse – in fact, no one in her family had ever owned one. Still, when she first saw footage of them on television, as a child, she knew that she not only wanted to ride horses as soon as possible, but she also wanted to train them.


“It can be so hard as a young girl, when you see these TV Shows and Movies with all these gorgeous horses and you have no way to own one, let alone ride one. I knew from the moment that I saw one, that not only did I have to experience what it was like to ride one, but I had to own one for myself; care for it and comfort it.”


After getting a job in the local pub, Karen was able to pool together enough money (with the help of her parents) to share a horse with another girl in her village. Finally her dreams had come true.


“The first time I rode Jackson, I knew that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It didn’t matter how, I just needed to ride and care for horses. That’s when I knew that I was either going to have to train in the Equine Sciences or find work another field that would allow me enough money to afford a horse for the rest of my life”


Taking the road less travelled, Karen knew that in order to buy a horse later in life, she was going to have to earn a lot of money, so she studied Law and spent years training to become a specialist Animal solicitor Рdefending horses,  dogs and cats from cruelty and accusations of violence.


“Now that my practice is really taking off, I’ve got more time to spend with my horses. Finally, after all of these years, I have the time to own a horse properly. For the last few years, I’ve been stepping back from my business and spending more time with my horses, assessing their behaviour and noting how they react in different ways.”


This site is a place for Karen to record her observations and findings of her horses’ behaviour. By sharing her findings with the world at large she is hoping to enlighten others and hopefully have the chance to learn a little herself.